Author Topic: Ragdoll still bugged (?)  (Read 1215 times)


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A ragdoll floating above track. 

A ragdoll that is frozen in the air above the track after crashing. It's not visible from all angles. When the camera angle changes, it disappears from screen, moving camera angle back, it appears again. Haven't seen more than one at the same time.

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Now that's a weird one :) Hmm it looks like it might have spawned to the origo for some peculiar reason. Maybe it fell through the scene?


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On crash canyon it happens almost almost every time I think, not sure about other tracks. Will test some :)


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Had this happen on The Very Ends "Elevated 8" track before. previous build mind you.


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Also - the ragdoll does not make any sounds anymore. Usually there were contact sounds and something like "urgh", " argh", "ouch" and the like. Now he is so mute.  ???
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For me the ragdoll geometry falls apart when stuck in the air. 
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