Author Topic: Track Data tool - Sectors don't show up... sometimes.  (Read 682 times)


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Sometimes the sectors don't show, when using the Track Data tool.

Only the race line shows up but you can't adjust it. No sectors visible. Happened mostly when the track was loaded for the first time. In most cases, loading the track again once or twice did make the sectors appear again and you could adjust the race line again.

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Ya that happen to me when I went to tweak my gokart tracks. Got AI sectors show the first time I ran track, but after restarting track only seeing the race line.  :(

I just started Wreckfest and loaded the gokart rev track and no AI sectors showing. :(

This going slow me down making new tracks, especially tweaking the AI race line.  :(

Hope Bugbear get this fix in the next Build, but a new Build release probably won't happen until Sept or Oct.

Would Bugbear consider releasing another hotfix when they get back in the studio?
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