Author Topic: Heusinkveld Ultimate Padal Setup  (Read 744 times)


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Hey Folks,

Just landed here, and need a little help.

Recently upgraded my sim pedals to a set of HE Ultimates and struggling to set them up within Wreckfest !? Previous Fanatec set it saw absolutely fine !?
Anyone else out there got past this issue with this pedal set !?  Any help greatly appreciated.

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After the last update my fanatec wheel was no longer being recognized. After some sleuthing around I discovered that this version of the game must have a limit as to how many usb controllers it can recognize for some reason. I unplugged one of my three buttons boxes and then refired up the game and presto .... there is my wheel showing up in the configuration menu. It could be a similar situation for you if you have several usb devices like I do.