Author Topic: [IDEA] Use "?" to check server connection  (Read 517 times)


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Using "?" in dedicated server prompt window shows info about your server.


Today I've used all my time to fight with ports, firewalls and hosting. After multiple tries I found out my Windows' firewall acts strange way, even I have right ports (27015-27016 and 33540) accepted in firewall's settings. Without the firewall I can find the server with another pc.

But now into the idea. With command "?" you could see if your connection is okay and people could join into your server over LAN or Internet.
Maybe one row is enough, it just tells that everything is okay with row:

If LAN and Internet works:
"Connection: OK!".
If only LAN works:
"Connection: LAN!".
Nothing works:
"Connection: Error!".

And if it is (somehow) possible, it could tell what is the problem. Example
"Connection: Error! Firewall" or "Connection: Error! Port Forwarding".

I don't know how hard is it to create this into prompt. Or then third-party application?

Update: Suddenly the server started to work...
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