Author Topic: Some Derby Takedowns are not counting  (Read 631 times)


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Some Derby Takedowns are not counting during Last Man Standing derby.


During Last Man Standing - Derby Big Arena - Car was American Sedan (class B)
some Takedowns not counting for me although my car was the only car to finish the AI car.
Happens several times on three derbies I had tested.
On one derby it was the first takedown, and on the next round the 3rd missing and on the last I don't remember.
So I would says reproduceable.

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In addition, shunts that end in the target car crashing and DNFing doesn't reward you with a takedown - at least this has happened to me in the past. You can see an example of this at 1:46 minutes in on one of my videos, here (music warning): (I have added a timestamp to the url that jumps to the exact moment where shunting a black car with yellow stripes into a wall doesn't net a takedown).
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