Author Topic: [solved] Can't use Stuntfest editor as Wreckfest 3D object editor anymore.  (Read 562 times)


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HA! All I needed was a complete version of wreckfest from december 2016 and do all the build_asset stuff inside that folder structure. Just swapping bgeometry.exe and/or bimage.exe to the latest build does not work. Seems it really was the updated tools that caused the problem with Stuntfest. With the old tools and done inside the folder structure, Stuntfest works again with the custom tracks.


Stuntfest crashes, when trying to open a new custom build track. This worked before, the old .scne files (from Trackfest for example) still work in Stuntfest. Newly build .scne files do not work anymore.

My suspicion: Bugbear changed bgeometry.exe and bimage.exe - Stuntfest doesn't seem to be compatible with the newer .scne format anymore :(
(I remember Bugbear changed something about 'makegeometry' and every track mod had to be re-exported.)

Newer dates in Wreckfest tools folder

Old dates in Stuntfest tools folder

I tried to use the build_asset.bat in Stuntfest tools folder with the .bgo3 file of the track, but I'm getting this error:

src\bcore\ErrorCallbacks.cpp(42) ERROR : Fatal error in src\bcore\bbState.cpp(636): couldn't find the type heading for 'srfc' with version: 4
src\bcore\ErrorCallbacks.cpp(18) ERROR : Assert failed! c:\j\workspace\f4online_pc_code\depot\branches\f4online\library\blib\include\bcore/ThreadSafeObject.h(31): "mLockCount==0"

No idea what that means.

Please, Bugbear - any help would be greatly appreciated. Is there any chance we can use Stuntfest editor again for placing objects on custom tracks for Wreckfest? It used to work fine, but not anymore.  :-\ Maybe you have some old bgeometry.exe lying around that would work? Or will Stuntfest be updated so that it will work again with the newer .scne format?
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 Have you tried using the old versions of bgeometry.exe and bimage.exe from Wreckfest?

 I have them backed up if you need them.

 The backed up versions are from before the June update. The files are dated 2/24/17.
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Hey Ricky.. here ya go. tools that might help you.   Saved you the trouble TT  :)


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Thanks a lot guys. Unfortunately I'm getting the same error as above with the 2/24/17 files. Maybe it's not that easy to just switch the files. :/ No idea.
So exporting with 2/24/17 and with 10/24/2016 produces the same error. Damn. I guess anything in between those dates wouldn't work either. It's possible, that the 2/24/17 is already the renewed one, because Janne mentioned on that same day (2/24/17) that they changed 'makegeometry' ...
Sorry, no way around it - we've updated the makegeometry so every track needs to be re-exported :(

Probably there are some other processes involved than just those files(?) Anyway, thanks again. Maybe a Bugbear dev can shine some light on this.

EDIT: Tried it all inside the Stuntfest folders and got this error: (with 10/24/2016 files)
src\bcore\ErrorCallbacks.cpp(18) ERROR : Assert failed! src\bcore\bbSystem.cpp(1306): "from"

...getting the same error if I use Bugbear's own example .bgo3 file inside the mod folder of Stuntfest. strange.
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