Author Topic: Post your Logitech G29/920 settings  (Read 1677 times)


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I bought G29 wheel but i can't find good settings. Post your owns, helps me a lot :)


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My priority was mirroring the in-game wheel as closely as possible with my G27 (actual performance between wheel models should remain the same as the only difference are face-buttons on the wheel itself). The only downside is that it makes the wheel have a tendency to wobble on its own, but is otherwise serviceable.

I've set my "Degrees of Rotation" in the Logitech Profiler to 602°, and kept all the other values as default. In-game my wheel settings are 100% Feedback Strength (some may want a reduced setting of 35% so that it doesn't dictate their steering), 0% Steering Dead Zone, 100% Steering Saturation, 14% Steering Sensitivity (Steering Sensitivity is the value to change to tune the wheel movements both in-game and irl to match them up one-to-one), and 0% Steering Speed Sensitivity.

My pedals behave a bit weird so I'm using extremely specific accelerator and brake saturation values which would negatively affect your experience if shared.

It's not perfect, and Bugbear could definitely work on making wheel support more feature-complete (possibly by adding an ability to tweak the in-game wheel sensitivity and clutch+manual support). Best of luck!
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I'm on my 10th set of advance controller settings for my DFGT wheel since Dec 2013. Ya never know if the next Build release going mess up your settings and will have to retweak them in.  :P

Steering Sensitivity and Steering Speed Sensitivity are key settings you need to get "right" for your wheel. Steering Sensitivity is how touchy your steering wheel is. If turning your will a little, is turning the front tires too much, oversteering, need tweak this setting.

Steering Speed Sensitivity, I found this setting help a lot to get the car to turn into the turn like on Speedway 2. I was using 0, then 30 couple of Builds ago, now using 45.

I use 240 degrees of rotation.
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