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Disappearing, hovering spectators and something fishy about prop_start_grandstand3g.

Every time I drive Speedway 1 figue 8 - only in the first lap, I see ghosts from a distance, hovering in font of the grandstand. They disappear when getting closer and don't show up again for the rest of the race. I don't think they'll appear again when you start a 2nd race right after the first.


Video is zoomed in a little for better visibility. If I got any closer or zoomed in with the camera, the spectators would have disappeared.

There's something weird about that prop_start_grandstand3g.scne, that showed up in Stuntfest editor. When you look at the complexity bar of the scene in the upper right, it looks like that prop is unproportionally complex. These are the objects of Speedway 1 with grandstand3g selected - notice the complexity bar, it's almost 100% of what Stuntfest can handle.

Watch the complexity bar as we remove at first one grandstand, then about half of them (~7) and finally all of them (~15).

Now that's weird - looks like that grandstand makes about 80% of the complexity of the whole scene - but what about the other grandstand with the roof? How is it so much less complex? 

The 2 observations combined (ghosts and complexity) makes me think there's something fishy about that prop_start_grandstand3g.
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Ya I noticed this too once but wasn't able to repro it  ???