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G'day all,

Im new to mod making and just want some basic advice on where to start and programs I'll need.

I have raced Rfactor1 and Rfactor2 since their concept so I have a small understanding of it.
Plus my mate is a RF2 track maker, and we're are interested with Wreckfest.

Thanks Rookie

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Hi, need little more detail, like you looking to make custom cars or custom tracks? Will you be using 3D Max or Blender or cheat and use existing track map and turning them into a new track like I do?

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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You need 3dsmax or blender for making/exporting models. Max export tools are in the wreckfest install folder,blender export tools are here on the forum.
Wwise for making custom sound banks.
Everything else you need is in /tools and /bageditcommunity in your wreckfest install folder.

Models you export as .bgo3 > drop .bgo3 onto asset_builder.bat (in /tools) to create .scne/.vhcl
Textures you save as .tga > drop .tga onto asset_builder.bat to create .bmap game format
Everything else (physics,emitters,ui etc) you edit/create with bagedit.

The best place to start imo is navigate to your wreckfest install folder,look in /mods/example and take a look at the example car/track
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Would be good to see some rFactor content in game , check out Tads Gaming he done some streams on track converting
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Thanks guys , this has helped heaps!!!!