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Hitpoint damage is broken

Currently in the game it's possible to crash into someone and take no damage, as long as your momentum is greater than theirs. For proof, I have included a short video of me playing a demolition derby.

Getting this fixed would really improve the game feel I think, as right now winning a demolition derby feels really boring. There's no need to consider your car's health, you just have to keep your speed up to survive. Sector damage doesn't matter at all.

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+1. I can see why they might have changed this if it is intended,to counter complaints that there isnt enough crashing. But now a lot of the gameplay skill of crashing is removed. It is literally just a skill to keep moving the fastest. As long as you don't stop,you don't die.

In a derby event previously you would look at your armour sectors, then look at your total health and consider the location of your target to hit and consider if it was worth hitting. Aiming for the weakest part of the opponent with the strongest part of you car. If you were really low on health you'd use the strongest part of you car to avoid dying.

Now you can completely ignore health and armour when attacking,and just hit them anywhere as fast as you can with zero consequences,over and over.

Hope it gets changed back,or tied to hitter/receiver scale if it was changed intentionally.
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Totally agree with the posts above. The change in damage has really taken the fun out the game for myself and no longer play the game as much as I once did.

Really hope the damage gets changed back to what it was or something similar, its no fun driving round hitting cars all day long and then taking one/two hits and dying(Just means you get less playtime and more spectating).

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Thanks for the reports - not sure why we didn't notice it earlier but it's indeed buggy at the moment in the sense that you receive no chassis health penalty while being an attacking party in a collision.