Author Topic: Flatout Joint Mod not sure exactly how to install please help  (Read 2085 times)

Guys I know most people have moved onto Wreckfest but i sadly cant afford that game right now so if someone can help me properly get this game working i would greatly appreciate it. Was planning on doing a few videos on my youtube channel with it. I also tried contacting the original dev for the mod and he said just to message on the forums for help. so if anyone can provide assistance i would appreciate it thank you.


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Here a thread to take a look at for downloading and running the FOJ community mod for FO 2, since Flatout Joints doors are closed now:

Looking for old FlatOut 2 mods.

And maybe this one, but link to FOJ won't work:

Just Picked Up Flatout 2. Woohoo! What do I need to know?

Got any questions, ask. And enjoy Flatout.  :D

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Sorry to wake up an old topic but I have just updated the link for the FOJ Community Mod with Carpack 2 in one file on ModDB. I am hosting it from my Media fire account.

We now have FOJ Community Mod with Carpack 2 packup into one rar file that is an exe file format. When exe is clicked, it will unpack the bfs files for the mod.

Complete FOJ Mod in one .exe file

Be sure to read the information about installing this mod. I do not promise to support this mod, my friend Shadow from FOJ created it and it worked for me.