Author Topic: Flatout Joint Mod not sure exactly how to install please help  (Read 1084 times)

Guys I know most people have moved onto Wreckfest but i sadly cant afford that game right now so if someone can help me properly get this game working i would greatly appreciate it. Was planning on doing a few videos on my youtube channel with it. I also tried contacting the original dev for the mod and he said just to message on the forums for help. so if anyone can provide assistance i would appreciate it thank you.


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Here a thread to take a look at for downloading and running the FOJ community mod for FO 2, since Flatout Joints doors are closed now:

Looking for old FlatOut 2 mods.

And maybe this one, but link to FOJ won't work:

Just Picked Up Flatout 2. Woohoo! What do I need to know?

Got any questions, ask. And enjoy Flatout.  :D

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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