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I'm not sure this is the right place to put this, but I was wondering whether there would be a possibility of accessing previous versions of the game (perhaps through the Steam beta menu?) in the near future- because while some of the older versions may be a little buggy, they do have their merits. I think it would be great if we were given the option to revert back to some of the earlier versions of the game, to access the some of the features unique to each of them.

Your thoughts on this idea would be much appreciated :)


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I moved your thread from Game Design to General Discussion (as you're not talking about things such as specific mechanics behind game modes or vehicle systems).

To answer your question, however, there aren't any officially supported legal ways to acquire an out-of-date and unsupported copy of Wreckfest, as a legitimately purchased copy via digital distribution platforms receive automatic updates for life.

If the demand is there, Bugbear Entertainment might archive older builds for the general public to test, but their focus is currently on developing the upcoming updates. This is also assuming the likelihood of them releasing a possibly buggy, incomplete build, unsupported by neither Bugbear nor their publisher... Which is pretty low.
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