Author Topic: Having troubles with A class cars and no assists? Found a fix for me.  (Read 221 times)


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Last night online, the guys were wanting me to go to A class instead using my B class AM5 and I telling them I can't with using no assists and my DFGT. Hoppen suggested I should try accelerator saturation at 130 or 140. I was thinking if use a number that high it would restrict car from full throttle. In my testing today, I seem to get off the start line as fast as using 100 setting and car did not seem slower on Speedway 2 oval.

So I gave the 131 setting a try last night and AM5 was a lot tamer than it was at a 100 accelerator saturation. AM5 still a bit handful to race, but I was not spinning the tires so easily like I did with the 100 setting.

Today I did some testing using the Mixed 3 track that has turns to the left and right and long straightway. Made for a good test track I think. Did testing of 131, 136 and 141 and like the 141 setting best. Car seem handle better with the 141 settings and I still got about same lap time that I got with the 131 setting.

Then did some testing at the Speedway 2 track. Before June Build I had problem getting car to turn in on the turns until Race got me to adjust steering speed sensitivity. Went from 0 to 35. With June Build, raise it to 45 and now with today testing found 60 help make the AM5 turn in.

I went back to Mixed 3 track for a test and I got half a second faster lap time using the 60 steering speed sensitivity. :)

I also was told by Hoppen you got to let off throttle before turning at the Speedway, can't go full throttle into turn or you go wide into the wall.

Problem now racing with fast A class car, car to fast for the tracks. Got relearn the tracks to know what turns I need to slow down a bit more so I don't go wide!!  And since I use auto tranny, I can't cheat and just down shift for the turn. :P

Now that I can race with a A class car again, I'm competitive online again. Not for 1st so much, but maybe can make run for 3rd. But last night I saw a couple players with B class cars beating my A class car.
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