Author Topic: After update 06/2017 car doesn´t has sound and it die very quick!  (Read 660 times)


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Hello folks, maybe its a know bug, but i´m going to report it anyway!

After the huge update in 06/2017 the game doesn´t feel right, i can´t listen to my car´s sound! Any sound, motor, hits, jumps, nothing!

Second, the car is easily destroyed just a few hits and the car start fire!

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What mods you have? You should disable them first.
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I disabled The Very TrackPack and Example, now the car is more resistant as before, but it became extremely hard to control. And the car´s sound doesn´t make any noise. But is I change the camera to rear view i can listen the motor.

There´s no motor´s sound. I only listen to the other cars!

You can see in this video I made.

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After watching the video I made, I can listen to the car´s motor´s sound in the video, but while in game there´s nothing! What it could be?

I notice another behavior, if the car motor is behind, when you look ahead theres no sound, if the motor is in the front, when you look behind, theres no motor's sound!
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