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Hey everyone,
I was thinking, since the console versions of the game is scheduled to be released 2018 why not have a forum for all the ideas and things we would like to see in the console versions?

I personally would like to see a create-a-car or a track designer.
Most games now have an upload feature where you can make and share your own creations (be it advertisements on NBA2K17, players and teams on NFL games, furniture design on Sims 3, etc). I think it would be really neat if Wreckfest had an option like that.

You could design your own paint scheme, paint schemes of other vehicles, or even liveries for certain events like demolition derbies and regular races in career mode and exhibition races. It would be neat to race against some old banger cars decked out in classic NASCAR paint schemes or in a demolition derby with vehicles that are just covered in spray paint (almost tacky looking).
Test Drive: Eve Of Destruction had a feature where you could paint your vehicles but you were very limited to which areas of the vehicle you could paint and half the time it never looked as good on the track as it did when you first painted it.

A track designer might be a little too far fetched but similar idea. Design your own track with jumps and turns and such. Maybe incorporate some jumps over a small river or over some rough terrain.

Just ideas!

I've never played the PC version (my laptop cannot handle the sheer awesomeness of Wreckfest) but I've watched many YouTube videos on the game.
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Ya Bugbear may need a forum section for console versions when beta get release. so there a place to post consoles questions.
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Yes they most certainly do. I hope the console forums are lively
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Crossplay is obvious of course.


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There also needs to be a way to change the ai names in-game. PC has the .txt method, but console users will have no means of accessing this small, but needed feature. Plus I'm sure it'll help minimize the inconvenience for PC players as well.
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Wen this game on consol have HDR, pleas let us non HDRusers the opertunety to set up a Gamma ore HDR yes no Option. All new games with HDR Looks to dark and Grey on a normal pc screen.   :-[

I hope it will come in full hd 1080 nativ ^^