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Oh you noticed those? We had at least an old muffler and a loose door hanging on the wall, way cool :)

Found the Twitch stream now:

No one else didn't notice this:
(01:22:20) "There's splitscreen, maybe"

Please also PC, not only consoles

EDIT: Found better image


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According to this site (, the PS4 Pro and XBox One X versions "will probably include additional features such as high definition textures, 4K resolution (naturally or upscaling), HDR, greater depth of field and sharper shadows".


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By the way since I was exhausted like crazy from the past days, here's another full and very long and detailed review (which makes my previous posts redundant, but it's more detailed and corrected):

First day of Gamescom for me: Wednesday. Came in early. When they opened, I went through all the halls to get an idea of what's going on. Turns out it was all pretty bad, except for a few booths which I simply didn't care about anyway (like PC case booths.. already bought a fresh one so got no time for that!). In the end there were just THREE (!!) booths in all of gamescom that were worth looking at, one of them having lines of up to 240 minutes so I was like NOPE and went on to the other two right away. One being Wreckfest of course.

The Wreckfest booth was located in a way that you could see it even from the long hallways already. So at least it was impossible to miss it!

The booth itself was amazing but it got very little attention, possibly because Wreckfest didn't seem to have been hyped as much as the other THQ Nordic titles that were there combined with the fact that another small thing with an entirely different game was built right infront of it, leaving it little to no space to build a line or to even see that you could play it there.

There were 3 playseats plus 4k monitors there and they had fairly decent Thrustmaster wheels. They were set up a bit unusually for my standards, but pretty much the way they would usually be set up in those scenarios, but the FFB worked nicely. It was allowed to freely change all the settings, car and track and even gamemodes. Also, you had no specific amount of races before you had to stop. Of course they'd tell you to take a break if you occupied a spot for too long but that practically never happened.

While the playseats were pretty nice and overall fun, they also had three xbox pad setups. Also 4k. Unfortunately the colours looked a bit washed out and the monitors looked like they were running at 30hz at times, but it was still pretty alright to look at. Hey, it was still 4k!  ;)
The XBOX controls were of course incredibly intuitive and the car behaved magnificently and was huge fun to drive with a pad, much simpler to do than it used to in my opinion. Driving physics feel much more predictable, that probably played a role. Those who tried or saw the game usually went on to say they'd get it.

The booth in itself would be a solid 8/10 if you ask me  :)

However, now the part that didn't went perfectly well: A big monitor mentioned a Wreckfest tournament. But said tournament lasted maybe 15 minutes, and on the first day THQ Nordic just failed to generate any hype or gather a crowd at all. For whatever reason though that only happened for Wreckfest, but maybe it was the only game where they didn't put a developer on stage to talk about it for an hour, show off epic new trailers and throw tons of stuff into the audience. Let's face it, if you don't throw stuff into the audience at Gamescom you simply will have a hard time gathering a crowd  :P They sort of corrected that on Friday, but since they weren't prepared, they threw some XBOX and PC games into the crowd that didn't have much to do with Wreckfest. Well at least it sort of worked, there were definitely more people there on Friday.

The way the tournament was held generally caused the short time, the failure to gather an audience and disappointed quite some people, for reasons like not having been explained well enough (at least on Wednesday). It looked like people who participated would receive a random thing (like a mouse) and eventually randomly a huge Thrustmaster steering wheel. Since no one really understood that concept too well, those that won and got a mouse seemed to be pretty disappointed that they only got something comparably tiny, while someone who actually did much worse later on got something huge instead. And those in the audience who wanted to participate often didn't even get a chance to, which disappointed those people even more. It could've been done better really, but at least on Friday they actually wanted at least one race with pro players instead of trying to avoid anyone who ever played the game before like they did on Wednesday, so at least for a fan who came there for the chance to participate in the tournament it wasn't too frustrating anymore.

So the tournament pulled down my Wreckfest Gamescom booth score down to 5/10 on Wednesday, but after Friday I can still say 7/10. That none of the bugbear guys showed up was just bad luck, and since many Gamescom THQ Nordic representatives were literally only there to represent Wreckfest for just Gamescom and nothing else, it sort of makes sense that some of them don't even know who Bugbear are. At least I hope that's the reason because often it is done that way at Gamescom.

As it turns out, even though I rate this year's Gamescom to be one of the worst, Wreckfest and one other booth that I won't mention here really sort of made it worth going anyway. Wreckfest not so much for me personally since there wasn't anything for me to discover or do, but for those who don't know the game yet, it was great.
Honestly though, the only reason why it was worth going for me was because on Friday I won a competition at the mentioned other booth which won me one of the biggest bundle of stuff that was probably ever given away at Gamescom. Unless they gave away a car before. A car would probably be worth more. Well, if I realized one thing: I must participate in more tournaments! I actually seem to be competitive lol

Only reason why Gamescom wasn't 0/10 for me this year though to be honest.

At least it seemed to be effective and Bugbear's long history in racing titles with great physics really helped apparently. Today I talked to one of the biggest youtubers in germany, who happened to also occasionally do a bit of simracing, often does real racing and enjoys racing games, and when I mentioned Wreckfest he immediately mentioned that when he played it for the first time, it felt like FlatOut 2 but even better. He was really surprised when I told him that it was made by the same devs. So who knows, he can't be the only one to feel the quality physics, maybe the sales will spike after gamescom! I can't wait to hear about that.

Before I forget: This is my own personal opinion and attempt at constructive criticism to improve even more next time. I do not mean to bash anyone. Just a report of how Gamescom went from my point of view  ;D

So who else was at Gamescom? What did you guys think about the Wreckfest booth or Gamescom in general?
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According to this site (, the PS4 Pro and XBox One X versions "will probably include additional features such as high definition textures, 4K resolution (naturally or upscaling), HDR, greater depth of field and sharper shadows".
It's too early to say. We'd love to take advantage of the added performance of both X and Pro but first we need to make everything out of the standard hardware, so no promises.


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Purple, in the german video, the guy on the right is very happy to have finally found what seems to be the destruction derby heir he was long waiting for. He also was surprised to discover it had been on early access for three years. I guess it always comes back to this : many people haven't heard about it yet.

They also spend some time talking about the way you can freely move the camera when you pause the game, they seem to like taking screenshots =D
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