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Traction Control randomly enables.

Hey guys, can't find this has been mentioned anywhere (maybe i didn't look hard enough) but traction control randomly enables for some races on the Dirt Oval and Mixed 1 tracks, even though it's turned off under the difficulty menu. It never actually shows enabled in the difficulty menu, but you can certainly feel the lack of throttle response when it occurs. Anyone who uses traction control anyway isn't going to notice.   I only race on a dedicated server, so I don't know if this happens in single player but I've noticed this occurring long before this last update in June. A few other racers can confirm this happening as well. Toggling traction control on and off again before the race seems to help. When this happens, I have to retire because TC totally kills the race. 

Not something I can really provide a visual example of.

Hopefully this can be addressed in the next update.

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