Author Topic: Driver San Francisco classic movie muscle car chases.First ok Driver since first  (Read 528 times)


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 I'd like the handling to be just a shade more sim-like.

 The Challenge mode movie classic car chases with the old muscle cars are still pretty decent.

 After the first Driver game, the gameplay got pretty bad with the later ones. I think it had to do with the original designer leaving or getting sidelined.

 Driver San Francisco is much more like the original. I think the original guy designed it.

 I have mixed feelings about the weird dream mode stuff but the game isn't bad.

 Those steep jumps and hills in San Francisco are also back. They make for great chases.

 Lots of old muscle cars but sometimes modern cars are also mixed in. If you want only old muscle, go into Challenge mode in the Movie section.

 I think the game engine got changed again before it got used in The Crew. I never played The Crew so I don't know if that was any good or how similar it was.

 I think Driver SF got yanked from Steam for some reason but it is still available elsewhere. It might be because of that obnoxious Ubisoft U-Play that they've been trying to force on people. I avoid buying any game that needs it now.

 Destruction missions are also fun if you just want to see how much damage you can do.
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I have always loved the Driver games  :) Think how fun it would be to have a Driver game, but with Wreckfest damage levels! and being chased in alleys by cops! would be so freakin cool.


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I really enjoyed San Francisco its just a shame Ubisoft won't make a sequel due to them thinking it was a flop.

While we're on the subject of Driver heres why Driver 3 was so buggy
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I love the whole Driver series. Even 3 despite it's reception. I just call it attitude lol!
I played through San Francisco, it was awesome. I couldn't stand the Ubisoft's software thing, so I haven't touched the game since.


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Driver San Francisco is probably one of the most innovative and entertaining racing games I've ever played. BUT it's not Driver. Or at least, a spin-off of it.


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Haven't really played the others, but I really enjoyed SF and its mechanics. "MY head, MY rules!" remains a strong example of great gameplay/level design.

"A race ? How about I destroy you with an 18 wheeler instead ?" =D
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