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Just wanted to start by saying you have done an excellent job with the new (June 2017 I think it was) update. I had originally deleted the game for a while because I didn't know whether there would be any more major improvements. The game is very good now and I hope it keeps improving without changing the physics, destruction and damage gameplay which I love about the game. I also love the fact there is no massive leveling up side to it, which I hope you don't implement, want to have fun, not work again.

1) Adaptive Vsync
In regards to Vsync, I found it was actually the 'grass detail' which was causing my fps to plummet and not Vsync, however, If you could add the option of 'Adaptive Vsync' in game, that would be great, since a pile up of cars then causes me to go from 60fps to 30fps which is very choppy, with 'adaptive vsync' it will only drop to about 59 or so with only the slightest tearing/stutter for an instant which is far better then 30fps.

Please add rain as a weather preset, I would love to race in the rain with the windshield wipers going.

I would love to race in the rain with headlights on the cars, or you could even add a night time option with headlights on the cars, would be great fun. :)

Would really like to smash up some luxury cars. Just check out the game 'Project Cars III' for an idea for some luxury cars.

I would also like to see you add arms and hands on the steering wheel for the first person view (I can't imagine that would be too hard, yet it would add a lot to the realism).

Thank you.
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