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Just wanted to start by saying you have done an excellent job with the new (June 2017 I think it was) update. I had originally deleted the game for a while because I didn't know whether there would be any more major improvements. The game is very good now and I hope it keeps improving without changing the physics, destruction and damage gameplay which I love about the game. I also love the fact there is no massive leveling up side to it, which I hope you don't implement, want to have fun, not work again.

1) Adaptive Vsync
In regards to Vsync, I found it was actually the 'grass detail' which was causing my fps to plummet and not Vsync, however, If you could add the option of 'Adaptive Vsync' in game, that would be great, since a pile up of cars then causes me to go from 60fps to 30fps which is very choppy, with 'adaptive vsync' it will only drop to about 59 or so with only the slightest tearing/stutter for an instant which is far better then 30fps.

Please add rain as a weather preset, I would love to race in the rain with the windshield wipers going.

I would love to race in the rain with headlights on the cars, or you could even add a night time option with headlights on the cars, would be great fun. :)

Would really like to smash up some luxury cars. Just check out the game 'Project Cars III' for an idea for some luxury cars.

I would also like to see you add arms and hands on the steering wheel for the first person view (I can't imagine that would be too hard, yet it would add a lot to the realism).

Thank you.
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Lights would be gone after first few corners. Imo also why night racing would be waste of devtime

Rain... well, to do it properly is huge undertaking. Waterplaning, puddles? Or just less grip, with tacked on visual effect. The added reflective surfaces also usually hurt FPS performance, more or less. Is that really worth it, especially if the rain is not proper rain, but just less grip with glued-on effect.

Would prefer a (daytime) snow track. Better FPS, and similar slippery conditions.

Luxury cars maybe, but would it fit well with the others. As Wreckfest draws from folk/banger racing (real life sport) and the "the uglier the better" aesthetics. I see some "Finnish humor" in the whole idea of racing these hideous looking cars, it was always in Flatout games too.. (My Summer Car has actually some of same "spirit") while breaking something expensive might be fun novelty,  is it worth development time not sure

Don't want to sound overly negative, just my take on it
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There already are some luxury cars in the game as of the latest update (or rather ex-luxury) like the jag xjs and the rover p5


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Lights would be gone after first few corners. Imo also why night racing would be waste of devtime

Well the cars don't need headlights. No banger car comes with lights equipped BUT the oval race tracks or derby arenas could have stadium lights, so the area in well lit.
Even the first Xbox/PS2 game Test Drive "Eve of Destruction" had that kind of night racing lights.
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Lights, rain and windshield wipers would be excellent, and paired with this new update, with luxury cars would put wreckfest racing in a category above all the rest including better than Project Cars. If you don't want lights, turn them off, but lights on the cars and rain weather, would make this game a cut above the rest.

The other thing I would mention, is the odd couple of luxury cars are very important, because it's what all racing games are missing, the ability to really smash up a luxury car like wreckfest does, It's fun to smash up an old rust bucket, but it's not too hard for some people to do similar in real life, a banger race with luxury cars on the other hand, now that would be even more awesome.

Luxury cars would fit well with the others, since you just have two categories, one being the derby cars they have and the other being luxury. A NASCAR for the oval tracks, a Lamborghini for Tarmac and a rally car for Gravel, could be just those three for novelty top tier cars like they did in other games. Would be the best. I would say just give it a go, what's the harm of adding a novelty one or two luxury cars?

P.S. Excellent job on the recent 7.9GB update, keep going. Really hoping to see rain, hands on steering wheel, lights on cars, windshield wipers for the rain and a couple luxury cars, in that order starting with rain I would like to see the most. You're doing a good job :).

Thank you.
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