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BAJA: Edge of Control HD is out on Steam now.

Dune buggies and trucks cross country.

It looks good.

It's supposed to be less arcade and more sim-cade or a little more sim-like than most other games of this type (especially console ports). That sounds like my kind of game.

Has anyone tried this?

It's on sale now on Steam. $23.99 US.

It's THQ-Nordic. Thanks to them for supporting good racing.
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No Steam page link?

Before I buy, I need to know if there wheel support, more 8 players online and online text chat.

Any kind of wheel support?

No answer yet about PC version, console versions had issues.

Found this:

Quote from: Offroadracer1600;2765630416810382983
Wheel config freezes everytime on pc with my fanatec setup. Pretty sad it looks like they literally did zero beta testing. What's the deal?

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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 I got a chance to try it out.

 Handling is definitely in the arcade end of simcade or maybe just plain arcade.

 It is more sim-like than Motorstorm or most of the other console off road racers that I've seen but it still has things like the ability to turn your car back and forth in midair during jumps.

 The option to switch from arcade to sim doesn't seem to do much.

 I only tried it in Race mode. Maybe Career mode is different. I'll find out.

 There's a ton of content but I'd only get this if you like arcade racers.

This is a remastered port of a console racer.

I think the people talking about how sim-like the physics are were probably used to arcade console racers like Motorstorm.
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