Author Topic: Multiplayer lobby not listing actual player count  (Read 562 times)


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Multiplayer lobby not listing actual player count

It seems like when a player pings out (maybe alt+f4/quit exe aswell), the server continues to try make contact with that player. But at the same time it lets another player join in the slot that was opened. Resulting in players being able to join as a player beyond the server limit.

List of events
  • Max players = 17
  • Server is full,1 person pings out
  • Someone joins before server closes connection to lost player
  • Server allocates joining player as player #18 (beyond max player count)
  • Now server is full but lobby browser shows it as 16/17 or 15/17
  • Anyone who tries to join after timesout as there is no free slot
  • Server eventually crashes


See player #16 is missing and someone is player #18 even though max is 17 players.At the same time the lobby list in game shows there is 2 slots open even though its full. Resulting in people constantly trying to join.
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