Author Topic: Please help us find the Spirit Career crash  (Read 1088 times)

Joonas Laakso

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We've been trying to track down a nasty bug which results in the Spirit Career crashing. Why we haven't fixed it yet is because we're unable to replicate it in the office or with our home computers.

If you've seen this yourself, could you please describe the crash in as much detail as possible? We need to find out what you've done and what the game is doing - does it happen during loading or in a specific screen? Did the game ever work? Do other online games work on the same machine?

Jani Mäkinen

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As mr. Laakso said above me, these steps would be helpful, but what would also be most useful is if you could take a video of the crash from start of the game to the exact place the crash happens in, so we can put our eyes into that code and find it even faster with your help.

Thanks for reading this and sorry for the inconvenience caused by this bug some of you have been experiencing :(


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It's pretty simple to replicate, for me atleast ^^
I just start RRDT , Graphics set to 1980x1020 and AA is set to max, then i connect to the servers, press play, choose The Initation as a Map, wait 1000 Minutes until it finished loading, Groover LE as the First car card and pressing start with that car, instant crash with the message : Ridge Racer Drift Topia_04fb08de.exe stopped working.


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My game has never crashed, it works fine.