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Wreckfest is my favorite game besides Fifa and I bought the game instantly when it came out years ago. This game is so good, and the community has done some amazing mods, but what are the devs doing now. I have no problem with the developing being slow, but a little communication would be nice. How dare the devs just ignore everybody? They are killing their own game, because people abandon it when they dont know if there ever will be an update again.

I feel that my money has been stolen, because nothing is happening, and nobody even tells us players anything about the state of the game. How about monthly updates?

Are you just stealing money? First you release wreckfest, and abandon it when you have got the money. When nobody buys wreckfest you release stuntfest, grab the money and abandon it. I just want to believe in you, but that is impossible without any updates about what you are doing. AND STOP LYING about monthly updates and other nonsense. You destroyed one of the best games ever, and I am not sure if it can be saved, when everybody forgets the game... WAKE UP and at least tell what the future will bring to us!


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Their next goal is the full release date in December. They didn't promise any more updates until that point.
I agree though. some communication and WIP screens would be nice.
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We've been down this road many times before
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