Author Topic: Project cars 2 is very different from PCars 1  (Read 1848 times)


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Project cars 2 is very different from PCars 1.

The handling is different. It seems more forgiving.

The collision/contact physics are messed up and sometimes silly.

There are a lot of great tracks in this. I don't know why they picked the default track that they start it. It is designed to make people crash and the turn offs aren't always marked. Throw in lots of blind hairpins.

I like getting a group of 1969 Cameros in a race. I wish that you could race them against the Mustangs.

The vintage GT races are also great.


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The expansion coming out today includes a 1966 Mustang which will be in the same class as the 1969 Camaro.

Interesting. I was afraid that all of the cars were going to be 1000hp monsters.


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The modified old Ford Bronco rallycross is great. It isn't a supercar.

The new rallycross tracks are also great.

The other older rallycross cars added aren't supercars and they are compatible with the rest.

I hadn't tried much rallycross in PC2 because the one car that I had tried (the vintage Ford Escort) seemed either buggy or extremely twitchy and hard to handle.

The Bronco has fun handling. I suspect that the Escort handling might, indeed, be a mistake made by the developers.

In PC1, the regular 1966 Mustang fastback also had handling that was very different from the other vintage GT cars in the same class.

Either the developers went overboard in exaggerating the handling difference or it was also a mistake.

For the rallycross Escort, I got it sort of driveable by going into controller settings and cranking things like dampening way up. The problem is that every time that I want to use a different car, I have to go back into Settings and change everything back.


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Is the expansion worth getting? I played the game when it was released but haven't fired it up in a while.


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It depends on what you like.

8 new cars

2 new tracks

If you like rallycross in PC2, this is great.

If you don't then... maybe.

Plenty of vintage cars.


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Mods are now starting to appear for PC2.

You need the Bootfiles mod plus the mod files for whichever car that you want to add.

Haven't tried any yet.