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I run a VR entertainment arcade in Canada, and I would love to talk with someone at Bugbear about licensing Wreckfest for our arcade. We have 12 full racing stations and go to lots of festivals and events around North America, and we know that Wreckfest would be an instant hit with our users.

Please PM me at your earliest convenience to discuss.

Thank you.


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Well, that's interesting. You should send a PM to Janne (;u=1092) or send the team an e-mail (
Though this game doesn't support VR yet.


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Thank you! I’ve sent a message, and excited to hear back.

The VR thing is a bit of a problem, but I’m more curious about starting a dialogue, and to see if we can help with that development somehow.


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I assume itll be fine to do so.I asked about a sim center running a modded version of the game last year and was told it was no problem. Fingers crossed same answer for you.

As for VR i assume its possible already since there is in game head movement already via joypad stick. Im not sure if you can setup up/down head movement aswell by adjusting the camera file,probably,but i havn't tried. And theres 3rd party projection software and open source head tracking software already out there. Youd just need to somehow setup head movement calls to to use joyinput and then project from screen to headset.
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