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It kind of already is in the game : my old save was updated to last version and I have two American 1. So it's possible.

I've noticed a few bugs though : I can't buy a second 350ci for example.
On the other hand, I have various items in quadruples for some other cars like American 4.

Not sure how the system works behind the code, but it clearly could handle unlimited garage with minor tweaks.

This would be EXTREMELY useful if we're really stuck with this "exit multiplayer and go to garage to change your car's setup" ... annoyance.
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Its because theyve changed from a market purchasing (addition) system to a unlocking system. Previously you setup a part for the market,now its just a unlock so can only be unlocked once per chassis.
The multiple parts you see for cars is where multiples parts have been setup as shared between multiple chassis.

Previously you could setup 10 brakes options once,share them between all chassis and purchase them as many times as you wanted per chassis.
Now those 10 options will still show up for all chassis,but once purchased they are fitted to 1 chassis and cannot be bought again.

The way to work around this now would be to have those 10 options per chassis (10x chassis count) and not share them between chassis. Otherwise you get the multiple duplicates in the market until they are purchased.
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Hi there guys I was playing some online racing today and there were these situations where one track was gravel and another was tarmac with completly different surface. So imagine that you have your car and you want to use it on all tracks but you don't want to spend a lot of time in garage because you need to change suspension, tires, maybe some parts for better protection (if the next track is more dangerous and you want to have less fast/more protected car) etc... so I was thinking that would be very nice if we could somehow save multiple setup/builds for one car and name them as we want. For example if I'am going to race on tarmac I will chose or "load" tarmac setup for my car and for gravel I will chose other setup. I can't see anything bad about that so I think it will be great and very useful to have this option in game. What do you think.
And sorry for my english, hope you understand my point.
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