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Totally constructive and un-biased reviews even after four dev posts, glad people find them helpful.

Nice, but I hope the mechanical damage thing will not reduce the fun of crashing. If it's going to "punish the player's car for contacts and crashes", then I'm afraid it could. :/ That would feel counter-intuitive for this game, at least for me. I hope it's optional or adjustable in vanilla game without mods.

Now that there's a little bit more dev time - time to implement some more fun gamemodes. :D

The beauty of banger and derby races is seeing all the cars TRYING to accelerate and steer during the last few laps of a race  :D
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I spy a (2) rover P5, (3) volvo, (5) Datsum 240z (7) Saab.

ROVER P5!?!??! :o

It'll be good to see how the carreer mode goes.

And better paint options

Bring it on! 8)
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Aww, still don't see a 4.5k+lb boat to romp around in. Are we going to see damage be more weight+speed based or just gpig to keep speed based and whoever hits faster does more damage? I think it's jist a lil cheesy to do the latter but it is what it is. Like in fouc, you had to be doing 60+mph to even do damage to the "truck."

I just think that there's not much point in having a heavy car if it's not going to deal more damage at lower speeds. Or not take ANY damage from a light ass car at 20mph or less.

Also, let's not see progressive engine damage unless you're adding thermal or valvetrain simulation. Kind of dumb to imagine that an engine eill lose power progresdively if the block is getting damaged. If the block breaks,  it will only run til it's out of oil or she could just insta-detonate I suppose. Idk
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Some interesting guesses. I agree with most and think 4) is a jaguar XJS maybe?
Im still looking forward to mechanical damage the most. Making the most of your battered car, and crabbing/limping to the end is part and parcel of banger racing.

Maybe it wont be so much engine damage/gearbox and the like,slowing you down.But rather damaging suspension legs/steering arms/wishbones. Meaning that when you bend that wheel you will get handling changes in caster,camber,toe and tracking. So you'll get crabbing cars,and cars that pull to one side more than the other etc.
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Was glad to read this on Steam the other day and can't wait to try it out. Between Wreckfest and Kingdom Come : Deliverance it looks like a great start to 2018 for me.

Im still looking forward to mechanical damage the most. Making the most of your battered car, and crabbing/limping to the end is part and parcel of banger racing.

The mechanical damage aspect is one of the reasons that pulled me into buying this game early on only second to the derby aspect of the game. Without it you might as well go buy Flatout 4. LOL! I am ready for some good derbies with limping cars to pound on instead of everyone going 100 mph. I hope knocking wheels off has also made a return.


I hope knocking wheels off has also made a return.

Same. What's the point of getting a good tire shot on a car like AM4 if the tires can't be laid over or broken ofg?


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What we REALLY need:


Seriously, the biggest problem with the game at the moment is the netcode, it seriously needs sorting so we can host 24 player servers with little to no problems.


This was a pre-existing feature that for some reason, since the THQ update, has been removed, so we have to leave a server to buy a car and/or change its parts. This seriously needs to return, or at least letting us change the parts of a car we already own in the server.


It would be great if we could select any number of laps we wanted, after 10 laps, laps go up in increments of 5, so for those of us who race in leagues and like to set a specific number of laps for something like a rolling start, we cannot select 16 or 21 laps etc. which would be ideal for us. I'm sure this is a very simple fix!


Again, another pre-existing feature that was removed in the THQ update. Why? This was a pretty cool feature to know who dealt the most damage and who got the most takedowns, this is a must return feature!


Letting the host have the option to force off/on health bars would be a great feature, helps add a little immersion and the added fun factor of not knowing for sure how damaged your opponents are.

Just a few things I can think of right now off the top of head, otherwise anything else is just being really nitpicky...


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I agree with the above post.


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^ What Vixtro said above ^

I absolutely agree with your post! would be wonderful to finally be able to set laps manually + bring back the rewards system  :D

And please Bugbear, if you are reading this thread still, please please bring back car infos/stats!!

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Although they've been in our plans we're not going to have time to add back the vehicle stats before the update, but they're coming.


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So much agree with Vixtro's posts especially with regards to the Netcode ... would be even nicer if they could bring out a linux version of the ded server but I would settle for fixing the existing :).


I like the bit about optional HOST based health bars on/off. (Would prefer them all to be off personally)

But again. Not very fair goinf into a server as odd man out whem they know exactly what they need to do to take ypu down.


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I never liked the healthbars from day one. If you ask me they could be removed completely.

Or atleast make it into an option, preferrably for host.

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There is a GIF of a new car in the Bugbear Twitter post about improved collisions.


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Yeah I've seen it, looks awesome  ;D
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