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Janne Suur-Näkki

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Dear Wreckers,

We're excited to let you know that the highly-anticipated December Update for Wreckfest is available on Steam!

This update represents a significant step towards the final release of the game, and what that means in practice is that this update contains a plenty of new as well as polished content and features in addition to a host of other improvements, the highlights being:

That's right – eight completely new cars, including our first ever front-wheel-drive cars, classic bangers, demolition derby heavy-hitters as well as something pretty unique! In addition to the new cars, many old cars have been refreshed.

Two championships with many themed series – battle for championship points and earn experience, increase your rank and unlock new parts and cars! This preview is just a taste of things to come, with more varied series and challenges being introduced later on.

Better performance thanks to the new LOD (Level of Detail) models for all vehicles, optimized grass performance and collisions with dynamic objects, improved V-Sync for smoother framerate.

Say goodbye to the old work-in-progress tracks.

Customize your car with a variety of paints and liveries, also supported over multiplayer.

Engine, gearbox, suspension, brakes and wheels can get damaged in crashes, resulting in performance degradation. And yes, wheels now get torn off too!

Adjust suspension stiffness, differential type, brake bias and gear ratio to suit your style or the track, even between every race – also in multiplayer lobby.

Songs from the Audiodraft game music contest that you voted for are in!

Unique engine sounds for all cars, most completely new, as well as better situational audio, new spatial effects and improved countdown behaviour.

All-new, more modern HUD. New main menu and some cool neat functionality such as car icons that update automatically.

Increased awareness and more variation in the driver profiles with some racing cleaner and some being more prone to making mistakes, as well as a difficulty setting that can be adjusted to your preference – try beating it on hard difficulty!

New work-in-progress feature: someone can become your rival by crashing into you, and you can earn bonus score by showing them who's the boss.

Crashes feel more vigorous than ever, and visual damage is improved.

Improved tire model as well as suspension physics and updated controller implementation for better handling and easier playing with a gamepad or a keyboard. Don't forget to test different assist combinations to find something you like - with no assists the game is meant to be more authentic experience especially with a steering wheel, while with full helpers you can simply pick up the pad and let it rip!

For the ultimate immersion – you asked for it, and here it is!

And those are only the highlights: the update contains plenty of other goodies, some more significant and some more minor, but we invite you to take a look yourself. These couple of last months have been hectic for us, and we hope you'll enjoy the update. There are still many little bits and pieces missing as you'll no doubt notice, but we were hell-bent on getting this update out so that you can already have a chance to check out what we've been working on and give us feedback that we can then use to fine-tune whatever you feel is wrong or off. In other words, don't forget to let us know what you think!

Dear Wreckers,

The December Update launched last week, and we've been very humbled by the feedback received from the community – it does seem like many of you are having more fun with the game than ever, and for us as a developer, that's the best possible reward. However, we have become aware of a number of chinks in our armour in the form of certain technical issues and other shortcomings that we felt could be addressed right away, and since the launch of the update we've been working long days and hammering away, leaving no rock turned in our quest to extract as much juice from the game in its current state as virtually possible. So, without any further ado, please find the quest log below:

  • Fixed a case in which the dedicated server might crash due to console buffer overflow.
  • Fixed a random client crash when entering spectate mode.
  • Invalid mod preview image (such as a .gif camouflaged as a .jpg) no longer causes the mod manager to crash.
  • Having certain controllers plugged in will no longer cause the mouse cursor to vanish indefinitely.
  • To prevent bogus controller bindings, automatic binding of DirectInput controllers is now disabled.
  • It's no longer to get locked out of the game by unbinding ESC and Enter keyboard keys.
  • Input to Steam Overlay chat no longer flows into the game's chat.
  • Audio no longer gets cut off when the player gets wrecked (would manifest in spectate mode as well).
  • Exiting any of the Garage sub-views after playing multiplayer no longer results in the bogus "Exit Game?" popup.
  • Market, Tune and other sub-views now have Back buttons.
  • Lawnmower is back!
  • Fixed Firefly in-car camera offset as well as other minor camera issues.
  • Roadcutter is no longer indestructible with certain customization parts.
  • Dominator no longer loses its engine audio sporadically.
  • Sunrise Super has new engine audio.
  • Increased handbrake power for a number of cars.
  • AI with Tristar should no longer get stuck on the track.
  • Improved positional audio.
  • AI is no longer as murderous towards the player in Demolition Derby.
  • It's now easier to pull a pit maneuver on AI (remember it's still difficult to pit a heavy car with a light car).
  • Extreme high-speed collisions now cause less gameplay damage.
  • A number of cars now have more gameplay health.
  • Player tags are no longer displayed for wrecked players to make them easier to distinguish.
  • Player tags are displayed at a farther distance in Demolition Derby and Team game modes.
  • Press (X) (or a custom binding) to reset is now displayed correctly when using a controller.
  • Player Rank 17 is now displayed correctly as 17, not 16.
  • Game no longer crashes in the post-race experience screen if the player gains experience when on the last rank.
  • Experience and credits accumulation from playing custom events and multiplayer is now the same as that of career events.
  • In career, events featuring multiple sessions now have the correct number of laps for semifinals and finals.
  • Revenging a rival now nets 200XP instead of 1XP.
  • Final lap notification is now displayed correctly.
  • Career events now have more weather variation.
  • Player stats in the top right now feature a progress bar towards the next rank.
  • Upgrade parts received as rewards now use correct car names.
  • Updated the environment images in the environment selection slider.
  • All routes now have proper minimaps in the track selection slider.
  • Improved ad banners on a number of tracks.
  • Fixed Mixed 3 Short Route and Short Route Reverse AI driving line.
  • AI is now faster on Speedway 1 Oval.
  • Fixed Dirt Speedway trackside cameras.
  • Improved Mixed 3 trackside cameras.
  • Runtime ambient occlusion is now automatically disabled for custom vehicles so vehicles should render correctly again.
  • Old style _ns maps can only be used with blend materials, and using them with standard materials will cause visual glitches.
Also, leaderboards will be reset shortly.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who played the game and left us feedback, you're the best!

Dear Wreckers,

We are no Santa but we still have a few goodies left in our sack of spare distributor caps, long lost level art and missing bits of physics code, and since we felt there was still something we could do to improve the game in the spirit of the festive season, here we go with another hotfix, hot on heels of yesterday's one:

  • Improved mechanical damage reliability in multiplayer.
  • Default Steering Speed Sensitivity for gamepad is now 75%.
  • Controller settings are reset to default for everyone to make sure no pesky bogus bindings remain.
  • Improved AI racing line assessment for better cornering performance, affects all tracks but most noticeable in Speedway 1.
  • Toned down demolition derby AI difficulty on hard difficulty slightly more.
  • It's no longer possible to enter a series with an originally eligible car that was upgraded to an ineligible class.
  • It's no longer possible to use the keyboard + mouse combo to select an ineligible car.
  • When purchasing cars or parts, credits deduction is now reflected in the player stats right away.
  • Player now receives correct rewards for events in the Dirt Track Fury career series.
  • When retiring from a custom event or an online event, player no longer receives the credits and experience awarded in the previous career event.
  • Player with a fastest lap (Best Lap) and most damage dealt (Damage Dealer) is now shown in the results screen.
  • Player Steam icon is now shown correctly for the player and not someone else in the grid order and series standings views.
  • Results screen is now skipped altogether as unnecessary after retiring from a custom race.
  • Player stats are no longer displayed in the results screen.
  • Difficulty and Tune tabs are now titled correctly in lobby.
  • In both server browser and lobby, route minimap is now displayed instead of the boring placeholder image.
  • Back buttons in lobby car select, tune and difficulty tabs view now work as designed.
  • On Tarmac 1, replaced most proxy prop vehicles with final ones.
  • Implemented more robust mod detection for disabling runtime AO for custom vehicles.
As always, don't forget to let us know what you think of the changes. You rock!
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It is here! Hoyype!

Unfortunately it is so big that I don't get to enjoy it until tomorrow  :'( #firstworldproblems


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Adjust suspension stiffness, differential type, brake bias and gear ratio to suit your style or the track, even between every race – also in multiplayer lobby.

Great stuff! Glad you were able to get this in.
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One and a half hour to download. The hype is killing me already.
Thanks for releasing the update, much appreciated  :D


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Adjust suspension stiffness, differential type, brake bias and gear ratio to suit your style or the track, even between every race – also in multiplayer lobby.

Great stuff! Glad you were able to get this in.
I didn't even read that part yet, thanks!

THIS MAKES ME EVEN MORE HYPED THAN EVER! This was the least expected feature to be honest, and yet one of the ones I wished for the most  :D

The Very End

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About a hour left of download, but thanks a lot for sharing it this late evening. Now go home and get some rest before the last push before Xmas and a deserved holiday :)

Janne Suur-Näkki

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I didn't even read that part yet, thanks!

THIS MAKES ME EVEN MORE HYPED THAN EVER! This was the least expected feature to be honest, and yet one of the ones I wished for the most  :D

Yes, we didn't have that feature on our road map initially but knowing how important it is to you guys we really wanted to have it in.


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3 races in a row now my game have crashed when I am playing on my server. (Even the server just crashed).

EDIT: Happened in career mode aswell

And another thing I saw in the other thread you said Janne.

For tracks, we're looking at having all the tracks at a pretty polished shape by the update + some new routes.

With this do you also mean you will fix the cutting problem we have had on alot of the tracks or is that still an issue we will see going furture? :P
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Clean and fair racer, but dont make me mad ;)
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Janne got a quick question... will there be a day when we can have random loading screens? and possibly have different save slots for different car setups. for instance I like soft suspension in dirt, however I need to keep changing that cars setup, if I go to tarmac/mixed etc..? sorry for the random questions right now, but you happen to be here online! lol

And hey thanks for our update! got 28 minutes left to go, to play!


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Thanks Bugbear for getting this BIG update out before the weekend.  :D  Now we have plenty of time give new Build a test before you guys get back in the studio Monday.

Maybe see some Devs online this weekend? Maybe under cover to see how community liking the new Build in the chat window?  :)
Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Loving the update so far :D but one problem: the game crashes every time I press continue on a race over-screen :( is this known already?

Janne Suur-Näkki

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If we're not too tired, probably :)

Please report any server instabilities and we'll take a look at them the first thing next week.

Janne Suur-Näkki

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@Huono: Which track, car, gamemode?

The Very End

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Does not seem to be able to launch the game at all now.
Will try deleting all the files in my document.
In future - auto delete these on patch please? :)

Edit: Did not help. The game tells it's running (in Steam) for 5 sekunds, but then it just terminates before actually starting. Deleted the modlists, cars and inventory files to make sure it's on blank sheets.

Edit2: Will try the datacleaner.
Edit 3: What is datacleaner actually haha? If it's the steam integrity check I already did that.
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Janne Suur-Näkki

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Hmm probably some custom stuff in the game's folder, right? :) Try the datacleaner and the verify data via Steam.