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I notice Bugbear have added updated screencaps to steam store page  :) and recent reviews up to 86% positive  8)


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...nice, still rising...  8)


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Just to add - If I look at the controls and the possible difference in balance between pc, ps4 and xbox one versions(there is really no difference in my opinion) I think it's very possible to make cross platform multiplayer. I know it's very rare and not that easy to happen, but I still hope there is a chance ;)
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Is there draft effect?
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A thing I lost track of, when we will be able to subit our names as game supporters? I used my father's paypal back then and I wouldn't like to have him as supporter instead of me, lol


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Is there draft effect?

At the moment, no drafting effect.

This been an asked for feature. Be nice if it made it into Wreckfest some day.  :)
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