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So after playing a little while on the new WRECKFEST update, two things slightly bugged me (no pun intended)

Firstly that the pit-lanes don't work (you still get a wrong way arrow), and it would be nice to see some ai go down the pitlane, and it working

and secondly (and the whole point of this thread) is that there is no car class in which you get EVERY car in. In the previous versions of the game, you set the car class as "C" and you could race against the Large American Sedan vehicle, yet in this version, there are several cars for each seperate class. What would be greatly appreciated is if there was a class especially for "Multi-Class Racing" like they do in the World Endurance Championship - mega fast LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype 1 - REALLY fast non-road-legal-prototype-style-racing-cars) racing against Audi R8's and such sort.

So in case that didn't make a single slice of sense: One extra car class as well as A,B and C which alllows you to race against ALL the AI Vehicles, no matter the type and speed.

I really hope this gets noticed :/


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Agree on that! I'm sure they will add more engine options in assembly like we had in previous update (loved those small euro 1 cars in A Class)

Also would be nice to have ability to make our own AI "Layout" like you could fill empty slots wih AI cars as you like (car model and class of your choice).
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I also have a great idea for a new car elite division of highly skillful drivers and superior horsepower for those looking to take it up to the highest level. Outlaw Late Model figure 8 racing. If youve never seen this type of insanity...allow me to bless you with this.  Indianapolis Speedrome and the World 3 hour Figure 8 Endurance Race! Google it , go see it, and definitely and it to the game please BugBear!!!