Author Topic: Is it possible to make the cars of players stay on track after they leave?  (Read 541 times)


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I'm sure this might have been asked already but I couldn't find anything.

Especially on long races players tend to leave when they get wrecked early on.

A huge fun factor for me is having to dodge wrecks but many players are not willing to watch for ten laps. So as an example, you start with 24 players, 14 get wrecked but only 4 of them stay on the server. 5 laps left, 10 alive players still on track but only 4 wrecks. It can get a little dull, most notably on ovals and fig8.

I believe there must be some technical difficulties with having the cars stay on track?! Otherwise it would have been implemented right? Because I don't think I was the first with that idea.
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Totally agree, hopefully it can be implemented in future :)


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This might fix the server bug aswell?
Usually all the crashes are caused by someone leaving the server mid race.
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Oooh, yes and please make it count  as a loss in their statistics and their public stats so that peeps aren't just leaving to avoid a DNF on their record. Anytime you leave, dc or not, you ought to take a dnf on the race.