Author Topic: how do I change my render device  (Read 445 times)


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I can't get the game to run my gtx1050 from my laptop.
I followed the steps from the faq but still when I look at my gpu activity it shows that wreckfest isn't using my gpu but integrated graphics. (If you're using NVIDIA Optimus, create a new profile in the NVIDIA Control Panel under 3D Settings/Manage 3D Settings for the game, and make sure that 'High-Performance NVIDIA processor' is selected as the preferred graphics processor in Program Settings.)
maybe someone knows how to start the game via the start up menu where I can change my render device to my gtx1050. O another way to get it fixed, I would really like to give this game a try.


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Setup-screen: Right click game in steam - Properties - in the 'General' tab there's 'set launch options', click that and write  -setup
When starting the game now, the setup screen should show up.


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I had the same problem, I just set my main graphics card to be the 1050 from Nvidia control panel.


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thanks rickyb now it detected my 1050 and it runs totaly fine now