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Thanks Janne Nakki, did what you said, so far it's working. Ran 2 races in a row to see if it went back to keyboard & it didn't. I'll check the controls first next time i play. Here's a question: before the update, I had buttons assigned on my wheel, 1 to change driving view, 2-to look Behind ( thru the rear view window), & i thought i had 2 buttons assigned to look left & look right. Can't find anywhere to assign them anymore. Is that still possible? If not, hope you can put that back in. I always looked behind me when going into a turn to see where the a.i. are. If you could add the LOOK LEFT/LOOK RIGHT/LOOK BEHIND/CHANGE driving view/ to buttons to assign to & maybe in the CONTROLS section at the bottom of the screen, make a line, example: assign controller as default, then controller couldn't change, I'd be a HAPPY CAMPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks Again for your help. 5 Star game.  P.S. My only regret: Wish I'd have bought this game sooner, Bought it 2 weeks ago & I'm having more fun than I have in years. Sorry if I'm asking some dumb questions, I'm still learning about how & what some things are & do. Maybe sometime in the future a Read Me file to explain different things in the game for us rookies.
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No problem!

Check the bindings in Settings > Controls, scroll down a bit and you will find separate bindings for Look Left, Look Right, Look Forward and Look Back as well as Change View.