Author Topic: Go behind the scenes for a car damage test drive  (Read 23374 times)

Big Ron

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I would also like to see hoods and trunks bending like this. I don´t like racing games where the damage model looks like someone would crumble up a paper or tinfoil.

Hoods should kink mostly building a triangle. This is how we see it mostly when a car crashes except someone someone fixed the whole hood to stay at its place like in some of these slow-speed-demolition derbies.

For cockpit view, I would keep the hood kinking, too. Either you should move the view position higher or do it like in Driver: San Francisco reducing the bending-effect from inside view.
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Screw that, having your view blocked is all part of the fun lol :D

Always roll with cockpit view and if my bonnet comes up, oh well. If you're lucky it comes off completely before you're wrecked XD