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Janne Suur-Näkki

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Dear Wreckers,

The holiday season is upon us, and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for this past year. During this year, the game has taken some significant steps towards the final release, and this is largely thanks to you. Your enthusiastic feedback has enabled us to shape the game to what it is currently, and while sometimes opinions might differ, nothing is more rewarding for the developer than to see how much players care about your game.

In the major December Update earlier this month we introduced brand new features high on everyone's wish list, like the preview of the upcoming career mode, paint customization, mechanical damage and rivals, as well as major content updates like eight brand new cars and polished tracks, not to forget performance optimization and numerous tweaks to make the game more enjoyable. Judging by the feedback we've received you have been enjoying the game more than ever, and it's not surprising since the game is finally beginning to feel like a real game  ­– even we've been excited by it!

We'll now take a short holiday break to spend some time with our families (and of course race you online!) but surely enough, next year will be even more exciting for all of us with awesome things lined up for the game, like expanded career with special challenge events and even more new cars to name just a few. We can't wait to share all that with you!

Thanks for sticking with us and happy holidays from the entire team here at Bugbear!

P.S. We've also updated the game to the latest version, enabling gamepad vibration again :)
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Thanks for EVERYTHING Janne, tell everyone who are a member of BugBear that, Appriciate it alot!

Lets make 2018 even better, I know you just getting started now!!! :D

Happy holidays and take care of your families now! :)
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Janne Suur-Näkki

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Absolutely, the Wreckfest engine is only warming up now :D

Looking forward to working with you and the rest of the community in 2018 to make Wreckfest even better!

The Very End

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Thanks for a great and progressive year :) Looking forward to see the further progress. And hopefully the release is just the start, as there is so much potential for the game engine (more game modes, environments, additional career , cars and more).

Now, enjoy the holiday and recharge the batteries with loved ones :)
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Happy Holidays Bugbear Team!!!
Just want to thank you guys for all your hard work you have been doing  ;D And wow, this game is really growing on me since this newest build! having a lot of fun with it!

Best Regards     -  -  -
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Happy Christmas Janne

If you have 2 mins can you swing by RaceDepartment an look over our posts

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Thanks Bugbear, enjoy the holidays!


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Merry Christmas Janne and the rest of the Bugbear Devs. 

Wreskfest looking good with the new Dec Build and I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys will bring to Wreckfest next year.  :D

You know Janne what on my Christmas list for next year, now that I got my station wagon this year.   ;D

BIG thanks for the station wagon!!      

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Happy holidays to Bugbear and everyone on the forum :)


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Happy Holidays, thanks for the assistance the last few weeks and have a few beers on me.
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Is it really a snow track????!!?  :o :o :o  :P
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Merry Christmas to the Bugbear team and ofcourse to the community we have!  ;D

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Thanks for everything Janne and Bugbear Team!

Happy Holidays to you too!
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Merry Christmas to the Bugbear team and ofcourse to the community we have!  ;D

Wow! Turn the mower into a snowmobile for some snowy ragdoll action.  8)

Happy holidays to the whole Wreckfest community!
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Happy holidays, all !!

Big thanks for all of the hard work making things great !