Author Topic: FPS drop in Tarmac 2 + driving in grass  (Read 351 times)

Merhunes Dagon

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Hi !  :)
I don't know if it is supposed to be like this but when I start a race on Tarmac 2, my fps drop to 20/30 instead of 45/60fps on all the others track with 24 cars. It is like this on 90% of the track.
When I drove for example on tarmac 1 on the tarmac, i got 60fps, when I drove 1meter next to the road (so in the grass) my fps dropped to 25.

My computer: GTX980, i5 6500, 3.20 GHz, RAM8go, windows 7 64bit

My graphic in Wreckfest: All on high and grass on medium
Fxx & msaa x8, V-sync enabled

I saw no one complaining but I think i'm not the only to have this problem !  :-\


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Grass quality is known to cause FPS problems, so you could try lowering it down a notch. The problem on Tarmac 2 is something I don't have, so devs can probably answer that one better.

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Tarmac 2 is the most detailed track i think (most individual objects). My advice would be to install a hardware monitor and watch to see if cpu/gpu or memory bottleneck whilst on tarmac 2. Then adjust graphic settings accordingly whilst on that track for a smoother experience.
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How bad it's without vsync? Disqble vsync in game and enable adaptive vsync from nvidia control panel. That's much better than normal vsync.
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Merhunes Dagon

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I will try this tonight or tomorrow, thanks  :)