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You can make instant skinning templates out of the new texture files.

Just use the _c5 and _damaged_c5 files. Just add another layer beneath them, select that new layer and start painting.

When you are done exporting, remember to set the alpha channel to pure white.

I'm not sure if these will post here but here are some examples.

I had a wagon paint scheme that looked a little too fancy so I tried adding 2 different amounts of rust, wear and scratches.

The first pic shows a small amount of thrashing and the second shows even more wear in spots. For spots in the second, I used parts of the damage skin as a template.


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Thanks for the info TT, nice job on the livery also.
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Thank you.
I have used and worked with layers a bit.

I still have problems understanding how to work with the skin layers and the Alpha channels.
I don't know how to do it right and where do I see on the skin which part is for where on the car besides the obvious side, root panels.

Could you do a step by step tutorial for beginners on that layers and exporting and Alpha channel work please ?

How do I stay inside one area (ex. only paint rear green) and not to paint over other parts ?
Do I have to paint with very small pixels on the outer lines ?

I would like to do my own skin but gave up on that.

Thank you very much.
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I wrote up a step-by-step for

I'll post it in that Collected Skinning info thread.

Ignore some of the very old posts there because things may have changed with recent updates.,7925.30.html
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Thank you very much. I will try it out soon.  :)
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