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I unsubbed from all my old mods and resubbed to 'december safe' mods, but they are not downloading. I have restarted steam, validated files, restarted my PC and even quickly subbed/unsubbed to mods but nothing is working.

What would be the issue?


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A few people have had this problem recently including Janne. Backup your games, then reinstall steam fixed it for him
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Yep easiest way is to do what Sam said. This issue happens time to time for many people in different games. I also had this kind of issue where Assetto Corsa was constantly looping a Workshop download and new stuff never downloaded. The funny thing was that the Assetto Corsa doesn't have Workshop... The issue was Arma 3 and after unsubscribing everything in that game and check the workshop folders were clean for that game the issue disappeared.

For me it was kind of easy to know it was Arma 3 Workshop issue because ot was the only game I even had Workshop content.
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This worked for me, cheers. I guess the new game installing with the old mods, and then me uninstalling them just gubbed something.

Thanks guys.