Author Topic: Requirements For Career Races  (Read 233 times)


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I noticed when going to play the career races that it does not tell you what you need to race. Just a red car logo and 0. "Small Time Folk Racing" does not help either XD. I was thinking that maybe if you put your cursor over it; it would say that you need a C-class car that's under 400 and is FWD or something. it took me like 45 min and had to buy 3 cars just to figure out which one I needed and I still don't know what classifies what cars to use in other career races. Just a thought. I am really loving this update though! Great Job Bugbear![/font]

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Your suggestions makes good sense and I totally agree. Hopefully a more detailed UI/info page will be available later in development :)


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Same for me, I'd like to know the requirements, hopefully for the next build...