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As the title says my game crashes on Startup, this is a new PC but it did work on my old laptop (worse specs) and I can also stream that game onto PC but as soon as I load it up on it's own on my PC, crash!
I've tried everything looked everywhere Facebook , forums, solutions, steam etc and no luck
Any ideas please!?


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Are you getting any error messages?

Try to check are you game files okay:
Click game on Steam library -> Properties -> Local Files -tab -> Verify Integrity of Game Files

You told about your new PC. Did you try play Wreckfest after installing?
(pc specs?)

Check also does your antivirus program prevent game files.


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Checked game files -> no issue
Yes I've tried running wreckfest after installing, I can stream the game however
All anti-virus turned off

No Luck

St. Jimmy

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Can you be more specific when the game crashes? Have you get the launcher launched where you set upsome graphic options? Have got yourself on THQ logo?
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It crashes on the first screen. I am able to pick what graphics settings I want. I have not got to the THQ logo yet
It crashes with wreckfest has stopped working, windows then tries to find a solution , it doesn't come up with one and then he only option left is to close the program