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I made this small track as a test, but when I start the race the cars turn around and drive in the opposite direction. I would appreciate it, if someone could tell me what I did wrong.
This is my track:


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From the track modding document:

The scene exporter (to .BGO3 file) and converter (to .SCNE file) sometimes mix up the way the Sectors go.
If you find that the Sectors go the wrong way (this happens when the AI cars start driving in the wrong direction), you must add the “otherway” parameter to the (Blue) Route Sector strip of the Main Route, thus:

In 3DS MAX, select the #ai_route_main object (the “Blue Sectors” of the Main Route).
In  the context menu that pops up, select “Properties”
The “Object Properties” window pops up. Select the “User Defined” tab.
In the “User Defined Properties” field, add the line: “otherway = true” (without the hyphens)
This will force the Sectors to go the other way, fixing the issue.