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Hello.  Because it's the internet I'm going to make this post a compliment sandwich so that less people get triggered about criticism.

The new update did some great things.  In particular I appreciate the addition of a manual clutch in the game as it's just obviously more fun.  I've been asking for that feature for a while and I'm glad it's in.

However the update also adds something that I'm not as much of a fan of.  It locks vehicle upgrade parts behind a time investment.  I dislike this trend in video games.  If I have to spend 30 game hours in a Class C car to unlock the parts to make it Class A then I might already be burnt out on the game before I even experience all of it's content.  If I pay full price for a game why should I be required to invest time into it to access all of its content?  I've been playing this game through its beta and I've always been mildly annoyed with having to grind money (especially because the MP generates so little money, even more so when there was part maintenance) but I dealt with it.  However now it's gone a step too far I'm afraid.  I'm fine with an optional progression system.  That's what the campaign is for.  But please don't lock me out of content across the whole game with bad time investment mechanics.  I only had 2 Class A cars built when the patch dropped so now I have to farm to max level to upgrade any other cars to Class A.  I play multiplayer nearly exclusively because it's obviously more fun, yet I'm stuck in the same 2 cars forever unless I grind.  If the Devs even read this forum: please don't continue down this path.

Also, the new tire slip sounds on tarmac are excellent.  All of the new sounds are good actually.


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I am in the same boat as you eje005. I feel your frustration.

Why do we have to start with zero XP or Money? I had plenty until the December update.

You want our input but I am tired of grinding away for more, and virtually play through the whole game to test every aspect of it? I am tired and sorry that I don't have the opportunity to be of much help.

Mmm, I agree with this - if things need testing, then players should have unlimited cash and XP from the start. Only when full release comes would you need to actually play through the unlocks and content normally.

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Not sure about the future but at least currently you can use mod(s) to buy everything and when you disable it, you still have everything you bought with the mod on.

If you really don't like to grind xp and money you can enable for example Free Market mod, buy everything when you've it enabled, disable after you've bought everything and enjoy all the content in the game grind free instantly.

Would be of course nice to have multiplayer where you could access everything and then separate singleplayer campaign where you need to progress.

Adding many rental cars would be an option if we could tune and paint them when we are in the server... otherwise I'm not sure if it could be made more accessible.
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Ya agree Bugbear going have be careful about online. I good with grinding in career mode to get higher level to get better parts.

But online, there a lot players that won't even touch career mode. So if they have to grind to much to get parts to make a fast A car, this could turn players off of online. It took me a month in GRID 2 to get rid of my loaner car for one the classes of cars online.

But I have seen posts in chat box of players having maxing out exp points to level 17 after getting career file wipe , in a week. So it does seem right now it won't take much grinding to get the credits to get a couple good A class cars ( a racing car and a derby car ).

May take awhile to buy all the cars and upgrade to A class. But online, most players will only race a few cars. And us that been testing the cars online for 3 years now, will have a pretty good idea what cars they going to want to use come final version and we all get out career and cars5 file wiped.
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Personally, I'm okay with grinding to get new content, but the MP payouts need to be more generous, they're pretty bad comapred to Single player's. However, my biggest problem is that we need to reach a certain level to buy things, even if we can afford it. I think the money we earn should be enough to get the parts we want.
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