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I used to play a game on my ps2 called crash n' burn. My favorite race type was the kamikaze race. It uses the same tracks as a normal race, but has half the players going backwards around the track.

For those who have never played that game, here is a video of the kamikaze race.

With the advanced engine of next car game races like this would be amazing.


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I loved that game and that was my favorite game type and favorite map for that game type! I too would love to see kamikaze races in Next car game!

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Already too many threads about this.

-1 for the INSANE amount of repeated threads.


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I hope they will add this game mode :(

They really should copy test drive eve and crash n burn game of ps2


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i rememeber good race in test drive eve of desruction like whip around race and a special 1 call red rover wreckfest would be nice with this fun game modes


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Yes red rover and flag pole race was really great fun. And push off (push cars off platform and try to stay on it while others push you).

These would be all great for multiplayer.
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