Author Topic: Question re: Flatout1, may apply to other games  (Read 755 times)


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Hello all, this is Maurizio from Italy.

I greatly enjoy latoutm, and I have a few questions which I believe would make the game more enjoyable.
And all other games too.

1) Race registration fee: In the real world, all races have a registration fee. I would like to see a registration fee, i.e. the same amount of the prize money going to finishes 5th/8, so that if I finish 6th or less I actualy see my funds go down.

2) Tire wear: I see little point in seeing engines on fire and wobbly suspension is there is no tire wear... 5 laps and still 100%? Unrealistic.

3) Edit number of laps: Some races are just too short, 3 laps is barely enough; what about 5, 7, 10 laps?

4) Ghost car in fast lap timing: it makes the challenge much more fun

5) "Explore" mode: I would like an "explore" mode in order to understand how all circuits belonging to the same scenario are intertwined. maybe a simple bird's eye view would do it.

6) Create track: starting frmo above mentioned bird's eye view, wouldn't it be nice to create a temporary track (i.e. cannot save it) and race on a modified, longer circuit?

7) Edit character clothing: no, I don't mean "nekkid", I mean chaninging their overalls into something that looks like a makeshift racing suit.

Thabnks for reading, let me know.