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Hednesford Hills Raceway is now available for Wreckfest!
First hosting car racing in 1954, the raceway is situated in a disused resovouir in Staffordshire, United Kingdom, and hosts various Banger and Stock Car racing events throughout the year.
The track has banking of 8 degrees on the bends, and 1 degree on the straights.

I've done three variants of the track:
Clockwise oval
Figure of 8
Destruction Derby

There are 6 replay cameras positioned close to the race track to ensure your best hits are caught! There is currently an invisible wall around the infield grass to prevent racing disruption, and the infield is blocked off on the oval track to prevent infielding etc.
This is the first track I've done for Wreckfest, so I'm keen to hear feedback. If there are any issues with the track, let me know.
I look forward to seeing videos and screenshots of the track being used!

Download it by subscribing to my tracks on Steam, and then enabling 'dalags tracks' in the mods ingame.
Steam link:


Big thanks to Sam and Dode for advice, help, testing and feedback, TheVeryEnd for his useful tutorials, Ryano for testing, and anyone who's replied to my posts on the BugBear forums.
Various scenic objects have been xref'd from BugBear tracks. Tractor courtesy of Spectator cars and flatbed courtesy of

The Very End

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Looks really good, well done :)


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Great job!
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Love it, raced this track many years ago so it's great you took the time to build the track for Wreckfest Bangers.
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Thanks for the comments, and Bugbear for the retweet!
Updated the figure of 8 so the checkpoints should count laps correctly.