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It's exciting times for Linux gaming and we're of course monitoring the situation. In other words, a Linux port is not ruled out.

However, we don't have infinite resources at our disposal and since Linux is not really all that familiar to us as a development environment, it's not a no-brainer decision for us.

Thanks for considering it anyway. You guys have been talking about demand - and I registered just to add up to this demand.
I am a big fan of FlatOut games, and I've always been playing it on Linux with a help of Wine, these are the games I keep coming back to. I think you know this already, but here is a little suggestion - as you have said the Linux platform is unfamiliar to you, and I can understand this. This is why you can outsource the Linux/OSX port to the third party - especially if you have a nice OOP in your project. For example there is, and they did an amazing job at porting XCOM, GRID, and other titles. They are not the only ones who are doing it, by the way.

I hope at some point Linux port would be possible (in a perfect world with native Steam Controller support), thanks again for considering it.


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WINE 3.0 is out now.

If I've heard correctly, DX11 may not be as big of a problem now.

There were some Youtube videos a while back of people running Wreckfest on Linux.

Was also an older thread about it.

I'm not expecting time to be spent an official Wreckfest Linux port or anything. There are just too many other things to do.