Author Topic: What the hell is up with this game? crashing crashing crashing  (Read 834 times)


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Right is anywhere one here still having constant game crashes mid race etc, and hosting your own server player quiting crashes servers and game players joining crashes game and server. And it seems to worse than ever before! Come on wreckfest how long have we had to deal with this? If you aint got the main community online playing your going to have none at this rate people are getting F*cked off with it. 
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I feel your frustration, I have been on BB about this along time, I know they have tried to make it better and the build befor they had a hotfix for the server crashes but yes, its need to get better and soon, I think some players who play and when their game crash then dont feel like starting it up again until later or the next day or so.
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I feel your pain, they are crashing as much as predecember patch. Maybe more often now.
My recent server crashing log:

2018-07-01 |18:10
2018-07-01 |19:44
2018-07-01 |20:07
2018-07-01 |20:12
2018-07-01 |20:42
2018-07-01 |20:42
2018-07-01 |21:31
2018-07-01 |23:12
2018-08-01 |20:10
2018-08-01 |23:47
2018-09-01 | 1:01
2018-09-01 | 1:21
2018-09-01 |18:14
2018-09-01 |19:48
2018-09-01 |23:10
2018-10-01 |21:15
2018-10-01 |22:21
2018-10-01 |22:41
2018-11-01 | 2:12
2018-11-01 | 2:12
2018-11-01 | 2:12
2018-11-01 | 2:12
2018-11-01 |15:03
2018-11-01 |17:37
2018-11-01 |18:35
2018-11-01 |18:36
2018-11-01 |18:42
2018-11-01 |18:50
2018-11-01 |18:51
2018-11-01 |18:53
2018-11-01 |18:54
2018-11-01 |19:05
2018-11-01 |19:05
2018-11-01 |19:33
2018-11-01 |19:54
2018-11-01 |20:46
2018-12-01 |16:35
2018-12-01 |19:36
2018-12-01 |21:01
2018-12-01 |21:30
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My experience been different with jquitwho server 2 Saturdays ago. We went 7 hours with only 2 crashes, took 4 hours before server crash the first time. Last Saturday was at Trabb's BC Bangers for about 5 hours. Crash server only 1 time.

Both are North American servers.

We did hit peaks of around 20 players both Saturdays.

But I do think server software should give more details to help give us\ Bugbear a better idea what was going on when server crash.

Like, were players in lobby or in middle of race or derby or returning to lobby when server crashes?

How many players in server when crash happens? Were there any high PING players in server ( 300+ )?

Did crash happen after someone left the race, be it quit or timeout?

What was the data stream flow? did server bandwidth jump big time before crash?

But can server software track this kind of stuff and not slow things down a bit?
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One of the more common server problems i have with BC Bangers is loosing connection to steam. Shows in the server log as a socks3 error. Steam friends list will also sign out sometimes.
Pretty sure it's not me loosing internet, as other programs running concurrently don't have any issues.

Other than crashes often seeming to match up with people quitting, i've begun to wonder if having multiple admins playing with the track change options at the same time could cause some, but not so sure about that one.

Also, player hosting seems to be way more stable than dedicated, my record with no (game) crashes is about 13 hours straight hosting, on the last big update day before Christmas.
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