Author Topic: Is anyone already working on FlatOut type mods?  (Read 292 times)


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Just wanted to know if anyone is making FO mods already, like adding in NOS?
And a bit more 'Arcade' handling feel to the game?
Stuff to throw both on, the sides, and above the tracks?
Even whole new maps that have that FO 'feel' to them, although I know they CANT be the originals because BB doesnt have the rights, someone could surely mod maps to look more like the FO1 and FO2 than what FO4 gave us?

Sorry if this topic has already come up.
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My Suicide track mod still broke. Hope to fix it sometime this year.

Flatout Joint, where the mods were.

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Umm, ok.
Which one of those makes you NOT take any car damage (so you dont die, but you can still race, even if your car is messed up), but still gives the damage models?
And which has NOS?
And which has the above 2 with better steering?



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Well, there is the re-creation of flatout2's Speedbowl map ( available in the workshop ) and I'm currently working on re-creating FO2's city1 map, but I think you are talking about the gameplay rather than maps, right?


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Yeah, mostly NOS needed for gameplay for me to have any fun in it.
It just is bad NOT having it to blast out of the corners when an enemy ai hits you and you fly off the road, but when you hit them they move 1/2 an inch. ;)

Spelling issues.
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